Website for the elder caring centre with private areas for relatives and workers internally connected with RESIPLUS and VECTOR ERP*

Web Site Keys

  1. Responsive Design, optimized for desktop systems, tablets and smartphones with special focus on the private sections for relatives and workres’ usability on smartphones.
  2. Multi-language support for the future 100% translation of the web site.
  3. Specific contacts by activity area.
  4. WordPress integrated backend with custom visual editor to aid in the task of introducing responsive new content.
  5. Specific content types to handle events, “Convivir” magazine numbers, corporate videos, centre documentation or FAQs.
  6. BlogSpot existing blog import into WordPress.
  7. Mailchimp account setting up with a dedicated list for web signups.

RESIPLUS and VECTOR ERP interconnection

Information retrieved from RESIPLUS caring centres management software and offered to relatives and centre workers via private areas:

  1. Resident nursing such as weight, pulse, blood pressure, glycemia, size and temperature
  2. Resident medicine treatments, actual treatment and previous ones noting the diary dosis.
  3. Resident fall records with comments from centre’s workers.
  4. Resident activities participation, noting participation frequency and last participation date.
  5. Working Planing of each worker, and an accesible HR planing system for the human resources manager.
  6. Courses and work evolution for each worker.

Other services for relatives and workers:

  1. Service invoices download (internally connected to VECTOR ERP) and medication invoices Descarga de facturas de servicio (conectado internamente con VECTOR ERP) y facturas de medicamentos for relatives.
  2. Specific messages about each resident, for their relatives.
  3. Access to gastronomic menus for relatives.
  4. General information about each resident such as floor and room number and assingned physical / psychological dependency category.
  5. Information for workers such as specific notifications, bulletin board and committee annoucements.
  6. Direct contact for relatives via private area.

* RESIPLUS is an ADD Informática ( propietary software and VECTOR ERP is an IDS Ingeniería de Sistemas ( propietary software

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