Web site update with automated system to add news and external studies uppon a simple link and installation in EJIE platforms


Web Site Keys

  1. Responsive Design, optimized for desktop systems, tablets and smartphones.
  2. Multi-language basque/spanish.
  3. WordPress integrated backend with custom visual editor to aid in the task of introducing responsive new content.
  4. Specific content types to handle news, external studies, commerce guides and events, each one of them with custom frontend design.
  5. Mailchimp account linking with a custom list for web signups.

Exlusive content adding system upon links

  1. News adding. Admin panel accepting a list of news URLs and then connects to each server to get several resources such as title, image and description of every piece of news.
  2. External studies adding. Admin panel accepting an SlideShare keynote URL, connects to the server and gets resources such as title, image or description and embeds it into the new content.

Aintzane Goikoetxea

14 January, 2017

Aintzane Goikoetxea’s Personal Website, Organic SEO oriented and quotation-getting focused

Miranda Foundation

5 November, 2015

Web Site for the elder caring centre with private areas for relatives and workers, internally connected with RESIPLUS and VECTOR ERP


5 November, 2015

Corporate web sites update with customized content sync between web sites.

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