Resiplus* Connection to get updated information about relatives or workers in a web site or mobile app

Successfuly integrated in Miranda Foundation

This connection engine installation takes place in a dedicated proxy with a strong Firewall settings to maximize security. The web site and mobile apps just connect to this proxy server via REST web services with authorization credentials to give the user the information he requested in a visual mode.

Information retrieved from RESIPLUS caring centres management software and offered to relatives and centre workers via private areas

This is the current version of the connection software, but being RESIPLUS such a information filled system it can be easily retrieve more information

Information for Relatives

  1. Resident nursing such as weight, pulse, blood pressure, glycemia, size and temperature.
  2. Resident medicine treatments, actual treatment and previous ones noting the diary dosis.
  3. Resident fall records with comments from centre’s workers.
  4. Resident activities participation, noting participation frequency and last participation date.

Information for Workers

  1. Working Planing of each worker, and an accesible HR planing system for the human resources manager.
  2. Courses and work evolution for each worker.

* RESIPLUS is an ADD Informática ( propietary software